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Panel Culture Episode 47 - No, THESE pages REALLY move!

Posted by panelculture on April 9th, 2012

Even when George is back in the country we can't get him to come back to the show!?.. But, we make up for by landing an interview with creator and fellow podcaster - Matt Wilson!!

Episode 47 Breakdown: Intro and Listener Question/Discussion: Digital Comics.  Reviews: An advanced review of Peter Panzerfaust #3 (12:19), Avengers vs X-Men #1 (15:20), SkullKickers #13 (27:15). Panel Culture Picks: AvX: Infinite #1 (30:20), Mudman #3 (43:15). Matt Wilson Interview (47:00)

Editors Note: Only 3 "Infinite" issues have been announced to be released during Avengers vs. X-Men

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