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Panel Culture Episode 16 - New DCU Justice League #1 some good, some bad.

Posted by panelculture on September 4th, 2011

Charles, Owen and special guest George Sager reflect on last weekends Fan Expo, we take a close look at the end of Flashpoint and delve deep into the new DC Universe with Andrew Uys & Jackie Armstrong. Plus our regular reviews and entertainment news!      

Episode 16 Breakdown - Fan Expo: Thoughts, announcements, creators, and our favourite purchases. Reviews + 5 mins from Paradise: All 5 of us discuss Flashpoint #5 & Justice League #1 (29:00), then Charles & Owen talk about The Vault #2 (56:00). Top of the Stack: Amazing Spiderman #668 (59:25), Uncanny X-Force #14 (1:02:00), Locke & Key Clockworks #2 (1:04:00), Angel & Faith #1 (1:07:00). In Motion:  A Walking Dead update, Kevin Smith's "Secret Stash" reality show on AMC and Owen gives us a sneak peak at the Terra Nova Pilot. (1:10:00)    

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