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Panel Culture Episode 19 - Capullo & Snyder amaze all of us!

Posted by panelculture on September 25th, 2011

Owen, George and Charles talk more about the DCnU number one's, Near Death, Daredevil and a few X-Men books.

Episode 19 Breakdown - News, Reviews: DC #1's Rundown: Nightwing, Catwoman, Blue Beatle, Red Hood & the Outsiders, Supergirl, Wonder Women & DC Presents (15:28), X-Men Schism #4, Generation Hope #11, Avengers Children's Crusade #7 (25:30), Near Death #1 (31:20), Daredevil #4 (34:45). 10 Minutes from Paradise (37:18) Top of the Stack: Batman #1 (48:05).

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