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Panel Culture Episode 209 – Cometh Inner Circle Comics

Posted by panelculture on May 18th, 2015

After kicking Charles out of the this weeks episode, we were able to record with only a few technical difficulties.. However due to the length of the recording, George and Owen start to go a little loopy by the end of the show. All this, plus an interview with Andrew Schartmann, author of the new book, "Koji Kondo's Super Mario Bros. Soundtrack"!

Editors Note: This episode was recorded before Archie Comics removed themselves from Kickstarter. 

Episode 209 Breakdown: Intro/News: Archie Comics Kickstarter / New Mutants movie. Reviews: Secret Wars #2 (26:10), The Auteur: Sister Bambi #1 (33:35), Injection #1 (40:45), DC Sneak Peek Bizarro #1 (44:20) Panel Culture Picks: Howard the Duck #3 (48:35), Thor #8 (54:35) Interview: Andrew Schartmann (1:04:00).

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Outro: I Own You - Wax Tailer