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Panel Culture Episode 230 - Pre-Post Event books? Is that really a thing?

Posted by panelculture on October 13th, 2015

George and Charles tackle a bunch of this weeks #1's, discussing why some of them work and why some of them don't. Even when the formula seems off, a good first issue should leave you wanting more.  

Episode 230 Breakdown: Intro/News: The Incredibles 2  / Marvel Movie shuffle / Luke Cage & Iron Fist / Black Widow. Reviews: Dr. Strange #1 (15:10), Jughead #1 (22:45), Invincible Ironman #1 (28:20), Survivor Club #1 (32:20). Panel Culture Picks: Paper Girls #1 (41:05), The Amazing Spider-man #1 (50:00).      

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Outro: Octoberfest - Hail Mary Malon