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Panel Culture Episode 239 – No Bad Blood at This Gift Exchange

Posted by panelculture on December 14th, 2015

It’s time for the annual Panel Culture Gift Exchange! So that means that after discussing this week’s books (and also Taylor Swift) that boys give the best gift you can give: comics. No, it’s not the last podcast before Christmas, but it sure is the gift-iest!

Episode 239 Breakdown: Intro/News. Reviews: Amazing Spider-Man #4 (10:22), Birthright #12 (15:16). Panel Culture Picks: All-New Hawkeye#2 (19:17), Monstress #2 (25:31), TANGENT: we take a selfie (29:59), Secret Wars #8 (30:33). The Panel Culture Gift Exchange (35:47).

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Music: Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt