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Panel Culture Episode 251 - Grumpy Old Men

Posted by panelculture on March 7th, 2016

This weeks episode is a little different than normal.  We actually talk about a comic that none of us liked.  But since we all had something to say about it, we decided that is was time to let out a little venom.  However we do find some love for a new number one, AND continue to talk about an Old Man Logan book.. that's pretty good!       


Episode 251 Breakdown: Intro/News: Timely Marvel Comics / Cap's 75th Anniversary issue.  

Reviews: The Discipline #1 (10:45), Old Man Logan #3 (20:35)Panel Culture Picks: Black Widow #1 (32:00), Dreaming Eagles (48:15).      

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Outro: Just Like Heaven - The Cure