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Panel Culture Episode 252 - So Spider-man, am I right!?

Posted by panelculture on March 15th, 2016

This week Charles and Keith talk about the trailer that broke the internet, one of our favourites comics possibly coming to TV,  and a comics crossover that will make Owen Craig  weak in the knees... Oh, and we talk about some actual comic books as well.  

Episode 252 Breakdown: Intro/News: Captain America Civil War Trailer / Scalped TV series  / Lumber Janes, Gotham Academy Crossover.   Reviews: Stela Comics App (24:00), Mockingbird #1 (30:40). Panel Culture Picks: Head Lopper #3 (40:00), Ms Marvel #5 (47:00).      

Editors note: Apologies for the crappy quiet audio.. I don't know what happened?

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Outro: Spider-man - The Ramones