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Panel Culture Episode 253 - “A double shot of George”

Posted by panelculture on March 22nd, 2016

This weeks episode is filled with some stuff you might like.. I bit of Image, a sprinkle Aftershock, and nice serving of Marvel.  Plus we talk a little bit about some movies and TV, sounds fun right? Why don’t you give’r a listen! :)      


Episode 253 Breakdown: Intro/News: X-Men Apocalypse Trailer / Season 3 of Gotham / Daredevil Season 2. Reviews: International Ironman #1 (23:20), Rat Queens #15 (30:45), Injection #8 (35:25) 

Panel Culture Picks:  Second Sight #2 (42:10), All-New X-Men #6 (50:00, Scarlet Witch #4 (58:40).      

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Outro: Think I’m in Love - Beck