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Panel Culture Episode 59 - Welcome to America, A**hole. (Happy Canada Day)

Posted by panelculture on July 2nd, 2012

Owen and guest host Matt Baum from the Two Headed Nerd talk about pretty much everything…and even manage to throw in a comic review or two:)  Check out this hilarious comics podcast crossover that's been labelled "bigger the AvX!"

Episode 59 Breakdown: Intro/News(9:00): Guardians of the Galaxy Movie / Ant Man test footage / Waffles for Stephanie. Reviews: Hitgirl #1 (37:10), Advanced Review: Revival #1 (41:20), Prophet #26 (46:50), League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - Century 2009 (50:18). Panel Culture Picks: Before Watchmen: Night Owl #1 (102:40), Batman Incorporated #2 (1:13:20).

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