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Panel Culture Episode 68: Regular Edition –Snarkfest 2012

Posted by panelculture on September 3rd, 2012

George and Owen are none-too-enthused about a slew of announcements this week. Plus, AVX tie-ins yield mixed results while non-big-two publishers continue to thrill. And Owen buys Justice League for some reason.

Episode 68 Breakdown: Intro/News: Fan Expo announcements / Joss Whedon’s new TV show / Tesla museum. Reviews: AVX Vs #5 (20:05), Smoke & Mirrors #5 (26:48), Wolverine & the X-Men #15 (28:47), Justice League #12 (33:10),  Mudman #5 (37:36). Panel Culture Picks: Locke & Key: Grindhouse (38:56), Grim Leaper #4 (44:47). Listener question: (47:39).

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