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Panel Culture Episode 70 - The 3 Amigos are back! What a nice package we make.

Posted by panelculture on September 17th, 2012

The 3 of us are back together again, and its back to business as usual. George and Owen continue to share the same mind, and we all agree that Sean Murphy is annoyingly talented! (seriously the guy is ridiculously good)

Episode 70 Breakdown: Intro/News: More Marvel NOW news / R.M. Guera Takes on Django Unchained / Tony Harris and B. Clay Moore's Whistling Skull Sequel?  Reviews: Wolverine and the X-Men #16 (18:10), Winter Soldier #10 (23:30), The Shade #12 (29:10), The Massive #4 (33:40). Panel Culture Picks: Punk Rock Jesus #3 (37:05), Stumptown Vol.2 #1 (43:10). Listener Question: (48:10)

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