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Panel Culture Episode 71 - We Love Truck Sittin’ Comics

Posted by panelculture on September 23rd, 2012

We're very busy this week, but rather than skip a week we're offering up a short show. Between pitching Bullshit 90s Godzilla #1 to IDW, George and Owen trot out the same old picks you have come to expect. How do they keep it fresh? You'll see... And a month-long ban on listen questions from Aaron is lifted this episode!

Episode 71 Breakdown: Intro/News: Yet more Marvel Now / What the Hell does Archie have planned? Reviews: Ghost #1 (9:54), Spider-Men #5 (13:31), Godzilla: The Half-Century War #2 (17:28). Panel Culture Picks Picks: Daredevil #18 (22:00), The Unwritten #41 (23:19). Listener question: (23:58).

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